If you are interested in working in my lab, please contact me (bnd1[at] I am interested in recruiting undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-docs to work on bees, bee phylogeny and bee evolution.


Graduate Students

Interested graduate students can find information on the graduate program from the Cornell Entomology web site. You can also find more information on the Graduate School at Cornell here. Please note that I am in two graduate "Fields": Entomology and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Graduate applications are normally due December 1. We review the applications shortly thereafter.



I am interested in supporting post-docs to work on projects of their own design or on ongoing projects in the lab. My own interests center on bee phylogeny, bee biodiversity, and native bee pollination ecology. I would like to develop projects in the area of bioinformatics and bee genomics. Current post-docs include Laura Russo, who is working on our USDA-funded project on the role of native bees in apple pollination, and Elizabeth Murray, who works on our NSF funded project on aculeate phylogeny. I am very interested in working with prospective post-docs to obtain grant funding to support their respective projects.



Working in a research lab is excellent experience for students intending to enroll into graduate school or take up a career in research. We regularly have opportunities for students interested in field as well as laboratory studies of bees. We are particularly interested in students with backgrounds in entomology, insect diversity, molecular systematics and molecular biology, bioinformatics, or evolutionary biology.