Sophie Cardinal


My research aims to elucidate the phylogenetic relationships of bees and to study their evolutionary biology. My PhD dissertation focused on building a tribal level phylogeny of the Apidae based on molecular data. With this phylogeny the evolution of cleptoparasitic and social behavior within apid bees is being investigated as well as shifts in diversification rates. I obtained my MSc at York University in 2004 with Dr. Laurence Packer, studying the phylogenetic relationships of the corbiculate apid tribes based on the morphology of the sting apparatus. I completed my BSc in 2002 at the University of Toronto where I worked with Dr. Chris Darling on an interactive identification key to the species groups of Leucospis (Hymenoptera: Leucospidae). I completed my PhD at Cornell in 2009 and am currently a post-doc in the Department of Entomology at Cornell University working on apid phylogeny.

Email: scc44 [at] cornell [dot] edu