Lab News

Research News

Below are some highlights of recent activities in the lab.

New bee databasing project

Cornell Chronicle, 24 July, 2010. New $1.5 million bee database will help track declines, pollination and more.

NPR interview

I was recently interviewed on the Leonard Lopate show (a local NPR affiliate in NY City) on a program on bees and colony collapse disorder.


Margarita Lopez-Uribe recently obtained a grant to conduct field work on orchid bees in Ecuador from the Lewis and Clark Fund for Research and Exploration.


Christophe Praz is currently collecting bees in Iran. He may also participate in the upcoming Presidential election if he has time.


Jesse Litman, Connal Eardley and Bryan Danforth received a grant from the National Geographic Society to study bees in the tribe Fideliini. The grant will fund two trips to South African in 2008/2009.

Empire State Native Pollinator Survey

Our lab is involved in a state-wide survey of bees and other pollinators as part of an effort led by the NY Natural Heritage Program to develop an “Empire State Native Pollinator Survey”. The goal of the Empire State Native Pollinator Survey is to determine the conservation status of a wide array of native insect pollinators in nonagricultural habitats, including bees.

The project will involve extensive surveys throughout NY state to help determine the conservation status of the most important pollinators in the state, with a focus on Andrena, Megachile, Melissodes, Macropis, and Bombus. In addition to the extensive surveys we will be conducting targeted habitat surveys, focused on habitats that are rare of threatened and targeted species surveys, focused on specific taxa including oil bees in the genus Macropis and bumble bees. The project will have a significant “citizen science” component.