Silas Bossert

PhD student


I am highly interested in insect biology and systematics and I have a particularly strong weakness for bees. Since I am aware of this, I have been collecting bees whenever, wherever and however I could. I am fascinated by the biological, behavioral and morphological diversity of bees and enjoy doing fieldwork in remote places and habitats of all kinds. My research interests are in line with this passion; I primarily focus on the phylogeny and systematics of bees and the usage of the respective molecular and morphological methods. For my current research project, I plan to unravel the phylogeny of the Nomiinae and their uncommon disjunct biogeographical distribution.

Before I came to Cornell, I studied the diverse bee fauna of the European Alps at the University of Vienna. Beside that, I taught several workshops on bumblebee identification and bee biology and was involved in a citizen-science project on bumblebees.


Email: sb2346 [at]

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